What is Qigong Tuina?

Qigong Tuina is an ancient Chinese healing method that brings balance into your body and enhances your immune system. It is one of the therapies within Traditional Chinese Medicine based on Taoistic phylosofy of Yin and Yang next to acupuncture and herbal medicine. At the same time it is developed together with modern science.

Qigong Tuina treatments improves various chronical complaints by strengthening the internal energy of the body by regulating the flow of Qi and blood. The flow of energy (Qi) in your body can be blocked by mental and physical problems. This can cause physical complaints. The energy flows through your body in a certain pathways. We call these pathways energy channels or, in Chinese Medicine, meridians. Chinese therapeutic massage with the application of energy induced techniques can resolve these blockages.The Qi and blood can flow unobstructed thus contributing to the elimination of complaints.

Qigong Tuina therapy enhances the selfhealing capabilities of the body, by stimulating and regulating the circulation of blood and vital energy. Qigong Tuina treatments have both a preventive and curative effect.

Valuable aspects of Qigong Tuina are:
  • It is a natural non-evasive healing method
  • No chemical medicine is used
  • It has no side effects
  • It is comfortable, safe and has a curative effect

What happens during the treatment?

A Qigong Tuina Therapy session does not make use of acupunctureneedles, herbs or Western medication. Chinese therapeutic massage techniques and acupressure combined with qi emitting methods (waiqi) are applied. With the tuina anmo techniques the muscles, tendons and bones are warmed, bloodcirculation improved to assist the body for waiqi treatment. With the waiqi treatment techniques the therapist emits his qi (energy) to the patient to unblock the meridians and stimulate the bloodcirculation.

Waiqi treatment technique is a high level qigong technique. The qigong practitioner is able to increase his qi power in order to emit it to the patient. Qi stands in Chinese understanding for lifeforce or vital energy. Both qigong excercises as well as qigong tuina therpay have therapeutic effect. Persons who are submitted to a qigong tuina therapy feel comfortable, relaxed and rejuvinated.

What effect does Qigong Tuina have?

A Qigong Tuina treatment enters deep into the muscle tissues, bones and tendons. The treatment also has effect on the consiousness of the mind. It enhances the resilience, flexibility of body and mind and releaves tension and fatique caused by illness or complaints.

It also enhances the metabolism, regulates the central nervossystem in its function causing one to become more calm and tranquile. Thereby having a positive effect on psychological condition as well as physical condition. The effect is a combination of stimulating emotional determination and recovery of abnormal reactions in the body.

Various diseases can be well treated by Qiging Tuina, such as:

  • All kinds of injuries
  • Neck, shoulder and back problems (whiplash, migraine etc)
  • Hernia
  • Reumatic complaints
  • RSI klachten
  • MS (Multiple Sclerose)
  • Stress (burn out)
  • Depression
  • High or low bloodpressure